Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rehab Discography

this is just to give a little heads up about their music. as far as i know rehab has 10 tangible cd's. that is albums u can physically buy (if u can find em), 2 that are technically bootlegs, and 1 that's gonna require a little explaining. keep in mind that i'm counting Graffiti the World 3 times cause there are 3 different printings. their first album printed was the ever fucking impossible to find...

To Whom It May Consume (1999)
  1. Prescription For Pain
  2. Self Esteem
  3. Advice From Within
  4. No One Understands
  5. God I Don't Know
  6. Romanticizing
  7. Hangover
  8. Action Of Love
  9. Love The Things You Do
  10. Delirium With All The Trimmings
  11. And Where We Go
  12. Life Is Not A Blessing
  13. Inertia Explained
  14. Absolutely No Idea
  15. So What
  16. Life Is Bloody
  17. Edge Of Implosion
  18. Less Than Fresh
  19. Lab Rat
  20. To Whom It May Consume
  21. Obsession Achieved
  22. Masturbating Death
  23. Suicidal Expectance
  24. What Have I Done
  25. Tomorrows
kind of a required taste album. has a lot of movie clips from leaving las vegas and shit like that but the music itself is great. kind dark and morbid at times but good nonetheless.

Sample This (1999)
  1. Fair (intro)
  2. Rattle My Cage
  3. Scarecrow
  4. Kick My Ass
  5. Car Crash
  6. Sittin' At A Bar
  7. In My Beer (interlude)
this is another god damn near impossible to find album. apparently it one of those cd's only given to radio stations for promotions or to generate buzz about a new artist. i found one at a flea market years ago and sad to say it looked like it was chewed on or used as a drink coaster. luckily all but the first and last song all made it onto their first major label debut...

Southern Discomfort (2000)
  1. Escape Intro
  2. Hey Fred
  3. Storm Chaser
  4. Crazy People
  5. Scarecrow
  6. It Don't Matter
  7. My Addiction (Interlude)
  8. Drinkin' Problem
  9. Rattle My Cage
  10. More Like You
  11. Sittin' At A Bar
  12. Miss Jones
  13. Mission Impossible
  14. Thinkin' Again
  15. Kick My Ass
without a doubt my most favorite rehab album. probably cause it was the first one i ever bought and played the shit out of. My Addiction is a play on the Run D.M.C song My Adidas and Mission Impossible is just that...Brooks singing the mission impossible theme song. so many awesome songs on here but i think my favorite would have to be crazy people. or scarecrow. or maybe...who the fuck am i kidding i love'em all.

so after Southern Discomfort was released Danny and Brooks called it quits for whatever their reasons were (and no i don't care why. i've heard several stories and fact of the matter is i wasn't there and neither were you so until i hear straight from one of those 2...it's none of my business). and time passes as it always does and along comes...

  1. Intro
  2. Here Comes The Demons
  3. Bonfire
  4. Busted
  5. Paranoid
  6. We Ain't Come To Play
  7. Run
  8. EMS
  9. I've Landed
  10. No Time To Grieve
  11. So Green
  12. Defeated
  13. Aim To Please
  14. Halftime
  15. Sleeping Giant
  16. Rehab Function
  17. Jesus Loves Me
  18. Him And Her
  19. Huh What
  20. Shit On Me
  21. Jamie
  22. Amends
  23. Ballad Of Dusty
  24. Lawn Chair High
  25. That Bad
  26. Post Game Show
this would be one of the bootlegs i was referring to. leaked online by brooks himself (or so the story goes), this one goes down as my 2nd fav album. how this shit didn't make it to an album is beyond me. when i found this i played it until my little RCA mp3 player refused to play anymore. so more time goes by (as it always does) and we're blessed with...

Unreleased Internet Cuts (????)

Disc 1
  1. Amends
  2. Bonfire
  3. Jamie
  4. We Ain't Come To Play
  5. Runnin For An Earhole
  6. Rainy Days
  7. Ballad Of Dusty
  8. Come On Children
  9. Company Store
  10. Run
  11. Then Again
Disc 2
  1. Decision
  2. Jesus Loves Me
  3. Sunshine
  4. Killing Me
  5. Truth
  6. I Guarantee
  7. Do You
  8. Judge My Dick
  9. Just Let Go
  10. Carry On
  11. Then Again, Pt. 2
this would be the other bootleg i was referring to also supposedly leaked by Ol' Brookie. i've heard that this is an actual album but my thinking goes is if it was.. why is it called the unreleased internet cuts? listening to this album you can tell that a lot of the songs one here are actually earlier versions of songs on other albums, most notably on Bonfire and Jamie. so we got earlier songs just released later? other songs are just songs from Cuzwecan with different names. so once again time passes and a few years later danny put together a whole new rehab crew and we are honored by...

Graffiti The World (2005)
  1. Wht Do U Wnt Frm Me
  2. Bump
  3. Chest Pain
  4. Red Water
  5. Graffiti The World
  6. Last Tattoo
  7. Bottles & Cans
  8. We Live
  9. This Town
  10. Walk Away
  11. This I Know
  12. Running Out Of Time
then the second printing (which came out like 3 weeks after i bought the original one) had a 13th song. their original cover of Sittin' At A Bar.

Graffiti The World (2006)
  1. Wht Do U Wnt Frm Me
  2. Bump
  3. Chest Pain
  4. Red Water
  5. Graffiti The World
  6. Last Tattoo
  7. Bottles & Cans
  8. We Live
  9. This Town
  10. Walk Away
  11. This I Know
  12. Running Out Of Time
  13. Sittin' At A Bar 2005
sometime after this album the band decided to do a CuzWeCan re-issue.

CuzWeCan (2007)
  1. Intro
  2. Here Come The Demons
  3. Bonfire
  4. We Ain't Come To Play
  5. Jaime
  6. Lawn Chair High
  7. Interlude
  8. Paranoid
  9. Rehab unction
  10. RUN
  11. Interlude #2
  12. Sleeping Giant
  13. Deal With Me
  14. The Ballad Of Dusty Spires
  15. Do You
  16. Then Again
  17. Amends
  18. Running For An Earhole
  19. Sixteen Tons
  20. Come On Children
  21. Love Me Tomorrow
  22. Hidden Track

and lastly their just re-re-released album.

Graffiti The World (2008)

  1. Let'em Know
  2. Bump
  3. Chest Pain
  4. Graffiti the World
  5. Bartender Song (aka Sittin' At A Bar)
  6. Last Tattoo
  7. 1980
  8. Bottles & Cans
  9. Lawn Chair High
  10. This Town
  11. Red Water
  12. Walk Away
  13. We Live
for this release they took off Wht Do U Wnt Frm Me, This I Know, Running Out Of Time and Sittin' At A Bar 2005 and replaced/added Bartender Song (aka Sittin' At A Bar), 1980, Let'em Know, and a new version of Lawn Chair High. there's also a Bartender Song promo cd that can be found out there and i counted that as one of the tangibles. but before this last album was re-leased we were actually blessed with what was considered the second coming of jesus to us rehab fanatics. see earlier this year there was a rumor that all 3 original members (Danny Boone, Brooks Buford, and Denny "Steaknife" Campbell) were getting back together. turns out the rumor was true and we were given Southern Discomfort. not an album title mind you but a group. i guess seeing as how the name Rehab was being used they picked the name of their first major release album as a name. they leaked about 8 songs on their myspace page (briefly as it was) before it was apparently shot down. story goes there were conflicts between labels or some shit like that.

Southern Discomfort EP (2008)
  1. 1980
  2. Be Easy
  3. Beatin Down Your Street
  4. Here Now
  5. Jumbo Lasonic
  6. Let em Know
  7. Make A Hole
  8. You Know
this is the one i said needed a little explaining. seeing as how it wasn't released as an album nor was it supposed to have been downloaded. but of course with the many programs out now it made its way to hard drives anyway. 1980 and Let'em Know were re-worked and added to the 3rd release of Graffiti The World. also...before they released Graffiti The World, Rehab had tried to go back to their old label Epic/Sony to see if they'd be interested in re-signing the guys. well i guess the Sony people won't interested so Rehab took they business elsewhere and signed with Universal. guess that didn't sit well with Sony or maybe they just got the idea "hey, we still own the original rights to Southern Discomfort. seeing how these guys are gonna release a new album and may be successful...let's repackage Southern Discomfort with our own new version of Sittin' At A Bar and a karaoke version and try and milk them for all we can!" and with that in mind we given...

Sittin' At a Bar (2008)

  1. Sittin' At a Bar [2008 Remix]
  2. Hey Fred
  3. Storm Chaser
  4. Crazy People
  5. Scarecrow
  6. It Don't Matter
  7. Drinkin' Problem
  8. Rattle My Cage
  9. Move Like You
  10. Miss Jones
  11. Thinkin' Again
  12. Kiss My Ass
  13. Sittin' At a Bar (Karaoke Version)
  14. Sittin' At a Bar (Original)
this is the one i don't give 2 shits about if people download it. rat bastards can't keep they hands out the cookie jar. and lastly and most recently we were given...

Live & Acoustic From Tree Sounds Studios (2008)
  1. Intro
  2. It Don't Matter
  3. Drinkin' Problem
  4. Graffiti the World
  5. 7 Deserts
  6. We Live
  7. Isosceles
  8. Walk Away
  9. Bottles and Cans
  10. Burt Reynolds
  11. Can't Remember
  12. Chest Pain
  13. Guilty
this one was given away with the purchase of their burt reynolds t-shirt if u bought it online. i finally had the Burt Reynolds song which was one of my favorites they played live.

so there it is people. to my knowledge all the rehab albums one can get their hands on. there are miscellaneous appearances on other artists albums as well as Brooks and Denny's solo albums but that will have to wait. and while i am a fan of rehab i am in no way an expert so if i left anything out or if i got my shit twisted around let me know.


randy said...

i have only known rehab music since this summer but am addicted now... cant beleive i never found em years ago... i have had a hard time figuring out the real deal with them and their discography.... you got it all figured out way more than ive been able to find online......
nice job thanks,

jcm said...

Has anyone ever found the Rehab album called Here Come the Demons? I see it listed on some discographys but not on others. I'm only looking for album art but I thought I'd mention it's existance to you anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Well here I am in my 54th year having grown up with Jimi and Jim and Janice etc etc and still love the fuck out of music of all types from Satie to Guru to Mansun to fuck knows. And, trolling myspace pages of dead marines, one fem murdered her theme was "Drinking Problem" which I reckon is one of the best drunk/addict tunes I have ever heard. And Jesus Loves You,,,fantastic...

Nate D. said...

Sup all! I'm just writing in to find out if any rehab fan out there has the Southern Discomfort side project stuff, ive been searching for about a month now, and i was wondering if someone could hook an addict up. If you can help me out, drop me an email at daylightfading@live.com

Rehb forever-